Book a Ravens Studio Session!

Represent the Rainier Ravens in this documentary photo project! The most likely end product will be a book; there may also be an exhibit, and select images will be shared on social media along the way. Participation in a shoot does not guarantee inclusion the the final project, but it is a fundamental goal of mine to be broad and inclusive, and to that end I hope to include as many of us as possible.

If you are interested in purchasing images, let me know; however, I plan to keep all images "under wraps" until completion of the project so that the final product isn't full of images that everyone has already seen on Facebook and Instagram!

Most shoots will be held at my studio, located in the beautiful old Rainier Bottling Plant on the main drag in Georgetown. There are tons of options for food, drink, and coffee in a three-block radius, as well as free 2-hour (or longer) street parking. There's also great places to shoot around the exterior of the building. Some shoots may be on-location; if you have a particular place you want to shoot, or, for example, want to get all six of your motorcycles in the shot, let me know in the notes.

Hope to see you soon!

PS: In the scheduler below, choose the Rainer Ravens Project. You'll be given available dates & times. If none of those work for you, shoot me an email and we'll find a time!

Free session for the Rainier Ravens documentary photography project. By participating, you understand that these images will be shared at the sole discretion of the photographer, and you agree to sign an industry-standard commercial photo release.