Case Study: Touratech-USA

This manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket motorcycle accessories is a perfect example of possibilities provided by Angela Goodman Photography. Over the past five years, AGP has partnered with Touratech to create editorial and lifestyle content for magazines and social media, event coverage, staff portraits, product installation and event time-lapse video, and extensive product photography of catalog items and bike builds. This consistent, high-quality imagery allowed them to leapfrog their nearest competitor. Touratech experienced a definitive increase in sales - for example, one of their flagship products doubled in sales from the same period the previous year, once we upgraded the photography of that item.


Editorial: BMW GS 

One example of an editorial shoot, this series was commissioned to accompany a magazine story highlighting BMW's new adventure bike.



Images produced for Touratech Deutschland's global printed catalog, advertisements, features, and web store.


Portraiture and Lifestyle

A sample of images from staff portraiture and organic brand marketing.


Instructional Videos

Three in a series of videos demonstrating how to install Touratech's aftermarket accessories.